Consultation & Collaboration


At the Center for Anxiety & OCD, we have an uncompromising determination to provide best practices in our work with our patients. Comprehensive consultation, collaboration, and streamlined communication are integral to effective treatment. Our team is particularly skilled at disseminating clinical treatment recommendations and working collaboratively to integrate interventions across all relevant contexts resulting in meaningful change.

We work closely with a number of other individuals to ensure the most comprehensive and streamlined care. When clinically indicated, this may include, but is not limited to, consultation and collaboration with:

  • Psychiatrists (medication management / comprehensive treatment planning)

  • School / Professional personnel (IEP / 504 planning, teachers, social workers, counselors, school psychologists, nurses, deans)

  • Partners, parents, and family members (as well as in- and out-of-home childcare providers, tutors, coaches)

  • Religious leaders (clergy / rabbis / priests as indicated for scrupulosity / religious OCD)

  • Other healthcare providers (primary care / pediatricians, neuropsychologists, allergists, medical specialties, etc.)