Workshops & Training

The Center for Anxiety & OCD is dedicated to the wellness of the broader community. We host workshops, consultations, and training opportunities on a variety of evidence-based topics at our place or yours.


Community Workshops


For the Community: 
Patients, parents, families, school professionals, PTO, parenting groups, etc.

  • In-house or on-site
  • Private or large community events     

Examples of Previous Workshops:

  • Flexing Inflexible Thinking
  • Loving Someone with Anxiety or Depression
  • Quieting Your Chronic Worry
  • “You want my kid to do what?!” Helping Parents Navigating Exposure Therapy
  • Parenting Your Anxious Child
  • Raising Kids in the High Pressure Environment
  • Back to School Blues
  • Managing Meltdowns

Professional Training & Consultation


For Professionals:
Behavioral healthcare clinicians, psychiatrists, primary care doctors, school personnel, other healthcare providers, etc.

  • In-house or service training at schools, physicians' offices, treatment centers, and other organizations
  • Post-doctoral specialty fellowship training opportunities

Examples of Previous Professional Trainings & Consultations:

  • CBT for Anxiety: The Nuts & Bolts
  • The Art and Science of Exposure & Response Prevention
  • Increasing Compliance with Exposure Tasks
  • Managing Complex Cases: A Multidisciplinary Approach
  • Identifying Anxiety in the Primary Care Setting
  • Responding Effectively to Anxiety and OCD in the School Setting

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