Partners, Parents, & Families

As part of our comprehensive and effective treatment approach, our clinicians utilize scientifically proven strategies to increase compliance and success in the context of Exposure and Response Prevention / Exposure Therapy for anxiety and OCD. (We understand how challenging it is to confront anxiety head on!) We also treat concurrent behavioral concerns (e.g., tantrums, disrespectful language, oppositional behaviors, etc.) that require a more in-depth and comprehensive treatment plan. Our clinicians are uniquely adept at creating effective behavior plans based on both the well-established and cutting-edge literature on behavior modification and learning theory and effective environmental / family support.


Partner, Parent, & Family Member Training for Anxiety
For adults and children alike, anxiety, OCD and related concerns can present a unique set of challenges to their partners, parents, and / or family members. Oftentimes, those around the patient do not understand the patient’s anxiety, are unsure of how to best encourage progress in treatment, and feel helpless with their attempts to break the cycle of avoidance. Partners, parents, and family members can be extremely effective agents in treatment. Through training and psychoeducation, our patients’ family members learn how to respond most effectively to the patient’s anxiety, resist the urge to (accidentally) reinforce negative and / or anxious thoughts / behaviors, and encourage brave behavior even in the face of fear. Through the course of treatment, our patients’ family members will recognize why attempting to protect the patient from anxiety-provoking situations can be counterproductive and learn practical tips on how to set healthy boundaries with anxiety. Our clinicians work with patients and their family members to better understand the patient’s anxiety and build a healthy connection for a stronger relationship.

Parent Management Training (PMT) for Oppositional & Noncompliant Behavior
CAO clinicians have expertise in the widely researched and empirically supported Parent Management Training (PMT) model. In our work with the pediatric and adolescent populations, our clinicians recognize the nuances of effective behavior modification and understand that behavioral planning is “more than just a sticker chart.” With a depth of experience and knowledge, we are able to determine primary behavioral targets and guidelines, discuss barriers to change, and troubleshoot pitfalls. Through work with parents, caregivers, and school personnel, behavioral interventions can be implemented consistently  across multiple environments. As we apply the sophisticated yet practical concepts of effective behavioral intervention, our collaborative and supportive approach leads to outcomes that are positive and dramatic even for patients who have not had success with other approaches.